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The Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

The Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management (KNSM) is one the largest academic department at Texas A&M University, generating over 90,000 credit hours and 200,000 (modified) weighted student credit hours each year.

As one of four departments in the School of Education and Human Development, KNSM is currently home to over 3,000 undergraduate students, 246 master’s students, 70 doctoral students (3,921 total), 179 minor students, 103 faculty members, 32 staff members and 90 funded graduate assistants.

Divisions of Health & Kinesiology

The department is comprised of three divisions: KinesiologySport Management and the Physical Education Activity Program. Each division offers various degrees and outreach programs promoting continuing education for students and the community.

(Note: The Health Education division will be realigned into the School of Public Health starting Fall 2022.)

Division of Kinesiology

We give students access and appreciation for all things kinesiology, emphasizing the biological basis to exercise and movement.

Division of Sport Management

The Sport Management Program is one of the top 5 programs in the country.

Division of Physical Education Activity Program

PEAP offers health and fitness activity classes to every Texas A&M student.

Former Student Highlight

Kourtney Martin

During her time as a Group Fitness Instructor at Texas A&M Rec Sports, she was presented with the opportunity to instruct WELLNESS WORKS! fitness sessions to faculty and staff at Texas A&M. She went on to complete her graduate internship with WELLNESS WORKS! before being named Employee Wellness Coordinator in 2017.

Watch her story

Kinesiology & Sport Management

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Texas A&M University offers many financial aid options to help pay tuition and fees, including scholarships, loans, grants and work-study programs.

Tuition and fees are determined by Texas A&M University’s Student Business Services Department.


Note: All Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management scholarships are awarded in April for the following academic year.

KNSM undergraduates are eligible for more than 20 scholarships from four funds. Students may not be awarded more than one scholarship and must reapply each year.

Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements

  • Minimum GPR
    • Current Student: 2.75
    • Incoming freshman: SAT score of 1000 or ACT of 24 or top 25% of graduating class
  • Full-time student in KNSM (Enrolled in 12 credit hours at Texas A&M University and declared major in KNSM)
  • At this time departmental scholarships are not available to incoming transfer students.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete an online application as noted below. For more information about these applications, visit the Texas A&M Scholarships Office.
    • Current TAMU students should complete the University Scholarship Application for Continuing Students including the Kinesiology & Sport Management section.
    • Incoming freshmen should submit the scholarship application via the Apply Texas application.
  2. Complete FAFSA, if pursing scholarship awarded on financial need

Application Deadlines

Continuing students and Incoming freshmen: All due dates are listed on the Texas A&M University Scholarship and Financial Aid website.

Questions and requests for more information can be submitted to Alyssa Locklear.

*The number of scholarships and scholarship amounts for each scholarship is subject to change depending on available funds.

Available Scholarships

Tom and Joan Read Endowment for Kinesiology & Sport Management

  • Open to all majors in Kinesiology & Sport Management
  • Awarded on academic merit and financial need
  • $1,500 per academic year ($750 fall and spring semester)*

Marjorie Ann Johnson Memorial Scholarship

  • Awarded to junior or senior kinesiology majors
  • Awarded on academic merit
  • $1,000 per academic year ($500 fall and spring semester)*

William B. Roman, Jr. '50 Endowed Scholarship in Kinesiology & Sport Management

  • Open to all majors in Kinesiology & Sport Management
  • Awarded on academic merit and financial need
  • $1,000 per academic year ($500 fall and spring semester)*


Lisa H. '86 and Peter H. Currie '85 Sport Management Scholarship

  • Open to all sport management majors in Kinesiology & Sport Management
  • Awarded on academic merit and financial need
  • $1,000 per academic year ($500 fall and spring semester)*


Martha Muckleroy Scholarship

$500 per academic year (fall semester)

The 2021 Martha Muckleroy Scholarship was presented to Nicole Mangold and Bri Blackstone.

Learn more about the Martha Muckleroy Scholarship.

Find out about Martha’s contributions.


Texas A&M offers the Graduate Merit and Graduate Diversity Fellowship for first-time graduate students. The department nominates students for the fellowship. Graduate students should refer to the Office of Graduate Studies to learn more about graduate assistantships, fellowships, and grants.

KNSM graduates are eligible for a variety of fellowships, graduate assistantships, and grants.

Available Scholarships

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantship opportunities are posted on Jobs for Aggies. For more information regarding graduate assistantships, visit Texas A&M University Financial Aid.

PEAP Teaching Graduate Assistantships (GAT)

  • Teach activity courses and combined lecture/activity courses for undergraduates
  • Have relevant teaching or expertise in activities to be taught

To apply, complete the application form and submit to Mr. Frank Thomas, PEAP Director, with a resume by March 1.

Download the PEAP application

Other Teaching Assistantships

Arranged by the graduate faculty advisor.

Research Assistantships

Research Graduate Assistantships (GAR)

Communicate directly with faculty members.


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