The Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

The Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management (KNSM) is one the largest academic department at Texas A&M University, generating over 90,000 credit hours and 200,000 (modified) weighted student credit hours each year.

As one of four departments in the School of Education and Human Development, KNSM is currently home to over 3,000 undergraduate students, 246 master’s students, 70 doctoral students (3,921 total), 179 minor students, 103 faculty members, 32 staff members and 90 funded graduate assistants.

Divisions of Kinesiology & Sport Management

The department is comprised of three divisions: KinesiologySport Management and the Physical Education Activity Program. Each division offers various degrees and outreach programs promoting continuing education for students and the community.

Former Student Highlight

Kourtney Martin

During her time as a Group Fitness Instructor at Texas A&M Rec Sports, she was presented with the opportunity to instruct WELLNESS WORKS! fitness sessions to faculty and staff at Texas A&M. She went on to complete her graduate internship with WELLNESS WORKS! before being named Employee Wellness Coordinator in 2017.

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Kinesiology & Sport Management

Research Studies

Research Studies

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Human Research - IRB Approved

Human Research – IRB Approved

Armstrong, Carisa Dance Aerobic Fitness Test (DAFT) Steady Increase Training verses Plyometric High Intensity Interval Training on Cardiovascular Fitness Levels in Collegiate Dancers Active IRB2016-0659D
Barry, Adam Etheridge Evaluating the Accuracy of Digital Translation Tools for Diabetes Education Material Active IRB2014-0766D
Bennett, Gregg It’s not what you tweet but how you tweet it: An experiment of interactivity and communication style in Twitter Active IRB2015-0286D
Bennett, Gregg Airbnb Guests for Football Games Active IRB2015-0679D
Bergeron, Christine S Physiological Impact of the Fitness Gram vs. Pilates based Abdominal Curl Active IRB2016-0392D
Boucher, Anthony Acute effects of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, foam rolling, and static stretching on hamstring and quadriceps flexibility Active IRB2016-0390D
Boucher, Anthony The effects of whole body vibration (WBV) on flexibility, power and balance in collegiate athletes. Active IRB2016-0497D
Brison, Natasha Assessment of Weight Loss Advertisements Utilizing Athlete Endorsers Active IRB2016-0516D
Buchanan, John J Brain activity patterns revealed by fNIRS when producing bimanual coordination patterns under stress Active IRB2014-0469D
Buchanan, John J Learning and interference in bimanual coordination tasks Active IRB2016-0021D
Chen, Lei-Shih Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Genetic Testing: Perspectives among Parents of Children Diagnosed with ASD Active IRB2014-0338F
Chen, Lei-Shih Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Family Health History Training Program Active IRB2015-0667D
Chen, Lei-Shih Family Health History-based Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Navigation to Clinical Services among Chinese Americans in Texas. Active IRB2016-0068D
Chen, Lei-Shih Future Health Educators’ Perspectives towards Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Active IRB2016-0781M
Clark, Heather Investigation into community partnerships through network analysis, a study of the Brazos Valley Health Partnership network data Active IRB2014-0731M
Cote, Gerard Evaluating Multiwavelength Light Sensor for Increased Signal Stability Active IRB2014-0604D
Crouse, Stephen F Acute vascular effects of aquatic and land treadmill exercise in pre-hypertensive men Active IRB2014-0076F
Crouse, Stephen F Relationship between calorie intake and daily energy expenditure among division 1 collegiate female soccer players and non-athletes Active IRB2014-0457FX
Crouse, Stephen F Development of a Novel Elliptical Trainer Fitness Assessment for Law Enforcement. Active IRB2014-0691F
Crouse, Stephen F L-citrulline supplementation and its effects on cycling performance Active IRB2015-0797F
Cunningham, George B Prejudice toward Persons with Disabilities in the Sport and Fitness Context Active IRB2012-0630M
Cunningham, George B Service Learning in Sport Management: Student Volunteering with Special Olympic Sport Active IRB2016-0424D
Deutz, Nicolaas E Effects of Essential Amino Acid Intake on Net Protein Synthesis in weight-losing non-small cell lung cancer patients Active IRB2012-0042M
Deutz, Nicolaas E Development of An Innovative Panel of Methods to Measure Intestinal Macronutrient Digestion, Absorption, and Function Active IRB2012-0059M
Deutz, Nicolaas E Eicosapentaenoic acid and protein modulation to induce anabolism in COPD: Aim 1 Active IRB2012-0060M
Deutz, Nicolaas E Leucine-enriched Essential Amion Acid Intake to Optimize Protein Anabolism in children with Cystic Fibrosis Active IRB2012-0063M
Deutz, Nicolaas E Methionine Tolerance in Healthy Human Adults Active IRB2014-0800F
Deutz, Nicolaas E Human Metabolism of Ornithine Phenylacetate Active IRB2014-0801F
Deutz, Nicolaas E A device and method to collect ECG and REM data to capture sleep patterns Active IRB2015-0623F
Deutz, Nicolaas E Human Metabolism of HMB Active IRB2015-0767F
Deutz, Nicolaas E Feasibility of novel laboratory methods for use in nutrition studies Active IRB2016-0014F
Deutz, Nicolaas E Omics Profiling of the Response to Food and Variability of Weight Loss in Medically Supervised Very Low Calorie Diet Active IRB2016-0304F
Dixon, Marlene Team Cohesion with Collegiate Athletics: Bonding or Isolation? Active IRB2016-0755D
Engelen, Marielle Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Protein Metabolism to Induce Anabolism in COPD: Aim 2 Active IRB2012-0171F
Engelen, Marielle Metabolic and Functional Changes in Relation to Nutritional Status in Chronic Heart Failure Active IRB2012-0503F
Engelen, Marielle Effects of Chemotherapy and Nutritional Intervention on Gut Function and Metabolism in Cancer Active IRB2012-0504F
Engelen, Marielle Casein Protein and Leucine Supplementation to Induce Anabolism in COPD Patients and Healthy Elderly Active IRB2012-0561F
Engelen, Marielle Validation Of a New Method To Simultaneously Measure Protein Digestion & Absorption Active IRB2013-0758F
Engelen, Marielle Fat Metabolism and Digestion in Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Active IRB2013-0878F
Engelen, Marielle Effect of alpha-lactalbumin on metabolic and cognitive functions in healthy older adults and patients with dementia. Active IRB2014-0065F
Engelen, Marielle Role of DNA sequence variation and gene expression in metabolic and functional traits associated with human diseases Active IRB2014-0130F
Engelen, Marielle Nutritional supplementation in patient with stable COPD and in those recovering from an acute exacerbation of COPD: the effects on metabolism and clinical status Active IRB2014-0139F
Engelen, Marielle Omics Profiling of the Response to Food and Variability of Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery Active IRB2014-0651F
Engelen, Marielle Longitudinal assessment of fat free mass index and its impact on lung health and overall health metrics in pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis Active IRB2015-0378M
Engelen, Marielle Assessment of anabolic responsiveness to protein intake in advanced cancer Active IRB2015-0460F
Engelen, Marielle Observational study on metabolic processes and cognitive functions in adults and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Active IRB2015-0542F
Engelen, Marielle Anabolic responsiveness to protein intake in Chronic Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder Active IRB2015-0676F
Engelen, Marielle The effects of acute resistance exercise on protein and amino acid metabolism in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Active IRB2015-0768F
Engelen, Marielle The effects of land treadmill exercise on gut function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Active IRB2016-0395F
Engelen, Marielle Metabolism of HMB in Supplement with and without Nutritional Components Active IRB2016-0734F
Engelen, Marielle Skeletal muscle response to leg exercise in subjects with and without COPD Active IRB2016-0748F
Francique, Akilah R NCAA division I HBCU Athletic Directors’ perspectives on the current NCAA funding structure Active IRB2014-0769D
Gabbard, Carl P Using Mental Imagery Strategies to Improve Motor Planning for Reach Actions Reducing Fall Risk in the Elderly Active IRB2015-0138M
Gabbard, Carl P A Survey of Developmental Coordination Disorder Among College Students Active IRB2016-0203M
Garney, Whitney Reynolds Texas Tobacco Quit Line Evaluation and Outreach Assistance Active IRB2015-0638D
Gilreath, Tamika Measuring Stress in Military Connected Adolescents Active IRB2016-0576D
Goodson, Patricia Decisions to Forgo or Not Adhere to Antiretroviral Therapies for HIV Infection: A Pilot Study of Long-Term Nonprogressors (LTNPs) Active IRB2010-0735F
Goodson, Patricia The Influence of Friendship Networks on Adolescents’ Health-Risk Behaviors: A Social Network Analysis. Active IRB2012-3028M
Goodson, Patricia Expressive writing, academic stress and productivity Active IRB2016-0750M
Greenwood, Lori Effects of ice massage versus CryoRoller™ on skin surface temperature and myofascial trigger points in the gastrocnemius muscle Active IRB2016-0391D
Greenwood, Lori Effects of the Deep Muscle Stimulator on myofascial trigger points in the upper back and neck regions. Active IRB2016-0394D
Guidry, Jeffrey An Exploration of Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors Among High-achieving Latinas Active IRB2013-0872D
Guidry, Jeffrey Stuck in the Middle:
A Mixed-Methods Study Examining the Role of Specific Health Knowledge and Perceived Risk in the African American Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Health Disparity
Active IRB2015-0854D
Harvey, Idethia Social Support in Type 2 Diabetes Management Among Adults Active IRB2015-0162D
Harvey, Idethia Arkansas Minority Barber & Beauty Shop Health Initiative Active IRB2015-0781D
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Examining the Influence of Psychological Determinants on Children’s Active Commuting to School using Theoretical Perspectives Active IRB2013-0254M
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Social Networks Study Active IRB2013-0810M
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako A Review of the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment Active IRB2014-0028M
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Withdrawal as a contraceptive method in college students Active IRB2014-0033M
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako An Assessment of Food Preparation Literacy in Adolescents’ Family Home Active IRB2015-0006D
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Texas Health Educators’ Health Literacy professional preparation and Competence: A Multiple Perspective Active IRB2016-0005D
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Examining the Nutritional Status of Women and Children in Niger Active IRB2016-0018M
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Measuring Health Literacy among Chinese-Speaking American Immigrants with Limited English Proficiency Active IRB2016-0092D
Kennedy, Deanna M The behavioral effects of normal and augmented feedback on movement control in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis Active IRB2014-0088D
Kreider, Richard B. The Effects of the Curves 90-Day Fitness Challenge on Health Outcomes in Women Active IRB2010-0813FX
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of Nutrient Timing on Markers of Health & Fitness in Post-Menopausal Women Active IRB2011-0136FX
Kreider, Richard B. Validation of Carbohydrate Intolerance Questionnaire Active IRB2013-0401FX
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of a Carbohydrate Restricted, High Protein, High Fat Diet on Weight Loss and Health Outcomes in Women Participating in the Curves Fitness & Weight Loss Program Active IRB2013-0495FX
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of Diet Type Selection Based on Response to a Carbohydrate Intolerance Questionnaire and Genetic Screening on Success to a Weight Loss and Exercise Program Active IRB2013-0737FX
Kreider, Richard B. Pharmacokinetic, Thermogenic, Hemodynamic, Ergogenic Assessment of a Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement Active IRB2014-0022FX
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of a Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement on Training Adaptations in Resistance Trained Athletes Active IRB2014-0079FX
Kreider, Richard B. Texas Physical Education, Physical Activity & Health/Wellness Education Survey Active IRB2014-0127D
Kreider, Richard B. Pharmacokinetic, Hemodynamic and Ergogenic Assessment of a Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement Active IRB2014-0795F
Kreider, Richard B. Short-term safety and dose effects of different forms of creatine ingestion Active IRB2015-0684F
Kreider, Richard B. Short-Term Safety and Dose Effects of a Ready to Drink Pre-Workout Supplement Active IRB2015-0754F
Kreider, Richard B. An Examination of a Novel Weight Loss Formula on Anthropometry and Indices of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Active IRB2016-0829FX
Kreider, Richard B. Pharmacokinetic and Glycemic Response of a Commercially Available Food Bar Active IRB2016-0830D
Madigan, Michael Exercises for fall prevention Active IRB2015-0824F
Milstein, Sloane Application of the Collegiate Sport Addition Process Across NCAA Divisions Active IRB2015-0158D
Rahn, Rhonda Taking learning outside the classroom: Implementing a health fair with peer educators Active IRB2015-0409D
Rahn, Rhonda An Investigation into the Differences between Health Major and Non-Health Major Undergrads in Their Perceptions about Obesity Active IRB2015-0735D
Riechman, Steven E PPAR-delta and Resistance Exercise in Obese Adults Active IRB2012-0245F
Riechman, Steven E The Effect of Choline Intake on Exercise Performance in Older Adults Active IRB2012-0677F
Riechman, Steven E Molecular Epidemiology of Resistance Exercise Training I Active IRB2015-0174M
Riechman, Steven E Egg Cholesterol Consumption, Blood Cholesterol and Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy Active IRB2015-0175M
Riechman, Steven E Molecular Epidemiology of Resistance Exercise Training II Active IRB2015-0182M
Riechman, Steven E The Effect of Cholesterol on Protein Synthesis Following High Intensity Muscle Contractions Active IRB2015-0835M
Riechman, Steven E The Nutrition, Vision, and Cognition in Sport Study (IONsport Study) Active IRB2016-0374D
Riechman, Steven E Revisiting total protein intake and timing of ingestion in conjunction with exercise utilizing deuterium Active IRB2016-0376F
Shea, Charles The behavioral and electromyographic effects of crosstalk on movement control in young and older adults Active IRB2014-0039D
Shea, Charles Do accuracy requirements change bimanual and unimanual control strategies? Active IRB2015-0640D
Sherman, Ledric Action Ball: Examining Motivation through an Emerging Activity to Enhance Fitness. Active IRB2016-0406D
Shipley, Meagan Physical Activity within Shelters: PAWS for Reading Active IRB2015-0769D
Walker, Dillon, PhD Triheptanoin Intake and Intermediary Metabolism in Type 2 diabetes Active IRB2015-0624F
Walker, Matthew Corporate Social Responsibility as a Human Resource Advantage for Sport Organizations Active IRB2015-0799D
Walker, Matthew An Exploratory analysis of Authentic Leadership in Sport Organizations Active IRB2016-0037D
Walker, Matthew Nica Nadadores: a sport for development case study in Nicaragua Active IRB2016-0082D
Walker, Matthew PGA Stakeholder Analysis Active IRB2016-0210D
Ward, Susan Assessment of Access to Healthcare Among Children Active IRB2016-0233
Welty-Peachey, Jon Examining Athletic Director Leadership Behavior during an Academic Scandal Active IRB2012-0606M
Wilson, Kelly Youth Informed Sexuality Education: Austin ISD student support of the National Sexuality Education Standards Active IRB2014-0725F
Wilson, Kelly Juntos Podemos! (Together We Can!) Evaluation Active IRB2016-0282D
Wilson, Kelly Understanding contraceptive behaviors among Latinas Active IRB2016-0451D
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_LifeWorks – Innovative TPP Program: Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Youth Active IRB2016-0457D
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_National Campaign – Transitioning to Success: Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Among Older Youth in Foster Care Active IRB2016-0458D
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_Healthy Teen Network: The Heart Beat Project Active IRB2016-0535D
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_Multnomah County – Innovative TPP Program: Sexual Health Equity for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (SHEIDD) Active IRB2016-0620D
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_PPGNHI – Online Health 4 Young Adults (OH4YA) Active IRB2016-0621D
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_EyesOpenIowa – Innovative TPP Program: Supporting RA’s as sexual health educators Active IRB2016-0791M
Wright, David L performing complex procedural task under stress Active IRB2014-0520D
Wright, David L Examining the role of consolidation for new motor learning following random and blocked practice. Active IRB2015-0194D
Wright, David L Independent Contribution of Acute Exercise to Protection of New Procedural Memory Active IRB2016-0277D
Wright, David L Non-invasive brain stimulation can influence procedural learning Active IRB2017-0013D
Xiang, Ping The 3 × 2 Achievement Goal Model and Motivational Regulations in College Physical Activity Classes Active

Basic Research - IACUC Approved

Bloomfield, Susan Can Dietary Estrogen Treatment in Rats Be Used to Mimic Oral Contraceptive-Induced Menstrual Cycle Suppression? Active IACUC 2014-0039
Bloomfield, Susan Maintaining musculoskeletal health during energy restriction through diet and exercise Active IACUC 2014-0157
Bloomfield, Susan Iron overload and oxidative damage: regulators of bone homeostasis in the space environment Active IACUC 2016-0293
Deutz, Nicolaas E Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of polyphenolics in the pig Active IACUC 2014-0138
Lawler, John Role of Nox2 in diaphragm pathology with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Active IACUC 2014-0034
Lawler, John Nox2 regulation in disuse-induced skeletal muscle atrophy Active IACUC 2014-0161
Lawler, John Inactivity-induced skeletal muscle atrophy: role of 12-Lipoxygenase Active IACUC 2014-0269
Lawler, John Redox Regulation of nNOS Translocation and Muscle Atrophy During Mechanical Unloading Active IACUC 2015-0175
Lawler, John Nox2 Regulation in the Diaphragm Muscle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Active IACUC 2015-0355
Lightfoot, John Timothy Renewal of Monitoring wheel running activity during group housing Active IACUC 2016-0181 D

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