The Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

The Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management (KNSM) is one the largest academic department at Texas A&M University, generating over 90,000 credit hours and 200,000 (modified) weighted student credit hours each year.

As one of four departments in the School of Education and Human Development, KNSM is currently home to over 3,000 undergraduate students, 246 master’s students, 70 doctoral students (3,921 total), 179 minor students, 103 faculty members, 32 staff members and 90 funded graduate assistants.

Divisions of Kinesiology & Sport Management

The department is comprised of three divisions: KinesiologySport Management and the Physical Education Activity Program. Each division offers various degrees and outreach programs promoting continuing education for students and the community.

Former Student Highlight

Kourtney Martin

During her time as a Group Fitness Instructor at Texas A&M Rec Sports, she was presented with the opportunity to instruct WELLNESS WORKS! fitness sessions to faculty and staff at Texas A&M. She went on to complete her graduate internship with WELLNESS WORKS! before being named Employee Wellness Coordinator in 2017.

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Bachelor's in Kinesiology, concentration in:

Motor Behavior

B.S. in Kinesiology: Concentration in Motor Behavior

Our Motor Behavior program prepares students to enter physical or occupational therapy, or related professional schools. The course of study is designed to provide students a broad background with special emphasis on both the physiology and psychology of human movement.

Professional directed electives allow students to obtain the prerequisites unique to the professional school of choice. No practicum or internship is required.

The program also provides the background for students that wish to go to graduate school in motor neuroscience. These students, with the permission of the laboratory director, may enroll in independent study leading to an undergraduate research project in motor behavior (motor development, motor learning, or motor control). Students are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities in various heath care settings and participate in related professional organizations.

The program has two phases:

  1. Pre-professional phase
  2. Professional phase

Students must complete prerequisite courses designated on their degree plan before applying to the professional phase.


To be admitted to an KNSM undergraduate program, you must complete all Undergraduate Admissions requirements.

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Program Details

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
Concentration: Motor Behavior
Credit Hours: 120 Hours

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Find Your Advisor

Kaitlyn Hiney

Academic Advisor IV

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  • Motor Behavior (Last Names: A-B)

Frances Fuller

Academic Advisor II

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  • Motor Behavior (Last Names: C-F & S-Z)

Gabriela Martinis

Academic Advisor I

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  • Motor Behavior (Last Names: G-R)

Frequently Asked Questions


  • I still have questions. Who can I contact to help me?

    Please feel free to contact our front office at 979-845-4530 for further questions.

  • I am a transfer student and I want to change my major to an KNSM program. What courses will transfer?

    For courses not specified in our transfer requirements per major, refer to our Transfer Course Equivalency Guide.

  • How can these programs help me get into professional school?

    Our programs typically have pre-requisites built in, or can be paired with courses offered at Texas A&M. Your advisor will work with you on your academic goals while keeping graduation a top priority. You will be encouraged to get in contact with the Professional School Advising Office; they provide resources and services that can help you get into the professional school of your choice.

  • What are the typical program costs?

    The following website can help you estimate the cost of the program, including current costs of tuition and fees: Estimate your attendance cost.

    Please note: you must update the program hours.

  • I live out of state. Do you accept out-of-state applicants?

    Yes, we accept in-state and out-of-state applicants.

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